White Town Facebook Page

White Town Facebook Page

As you may know, I’m not a fan of Rupert Murdoch. Therefore, I’m also not a fan of MySpace.

Imagine how happy I am that MySpace is currently being trounced by Facebook! Every person who defects from MySpace or, more importantly, stops directing people towards it prevents money going into Murdoch’s pocket.

And I don’t like what Murdoch does with his money and influence.

Basically, I’m in favour of anything that hurts Murdoch’s Evil Empire,

So far, the one big advantage MySpace has had is that it’s the first port of call for musicians. Name a band, google them and you can find their MySpace and listen to songs.

Now, Facebook has taken up the challenge and introduced Band Pages (as well as Pages for Actors, TV Shows, Brands..). Hopefully, this means there’s at least a choice if a band wants an instant website complete with songs, vids, discography etc.

I’ve just created a Facebook page for White Town. It’s a little bit superfluous since I have this site, all sparkly and spangly. But what the hell, it’s free and maybe it can be slightly more interactive than this site. And every time someone’s looking at my band Facebook page, they’re not looking at MySpace. 🙂

Click here to see for yourself!

November 27, 2007. News.