‘Cut Out My Heart’ Stills

Nat Shadow

Click any of the pics to see some stills from the video shoot I did for my new song, ‘Cut Out My Heart.’

Sad Kell

Looking at them, I think need to explore night-time portraiture more, looks pretty cool! 🙂

November 17, 2010. posted by Jyoti. Links.

Me And The 808


Rhodri Marsden has written an excellent article about the TR-808, probably the best drum machine EVER! And I’m very honoured that I was one of the people he interviewed for it. Warning: very high geek factor! 🙂

Here you go:

Rhythm king: The return of the Roland 808 drum machine

love and kisses,

PS – I’ll be doing a little festive pressie soon… keep your eyes peeled!

December 15, 2008. posted by Jyoti. Links, News.