Merry Crimbo!

Crimbo Pengies - 03

Hello! Even though I’m a bit of a bahhumbug when it comes to Crimbo, I thought I’d give you all a little pressie this year. Ladies and gentlemen, I present the present of the Mental At 5am EP!

Did you read this rambling post? Read it now? Good!

Well, the night I talk about there, the night that Mattias Cosy Den stayed over is when I recorded this live, acoustic EP. We stayed up very late and I chose one of my own songs plus a couple of covers that I love. Here’s what’s on the EP:

1. Death In Kettering
This is one of mine, taken off the last album, ‘Don’t Mention The War.’ I love doing this song acoustically, I don’t know why. It’s just one of the purest songs I’ve written. Whenever you write a song, you have the idea of it in your head and then, after a while, you have the finished thing. Mostly, the reality will diverge from the idea. But ‘Death In Kettering’ is probably the closest I’ve got to the idea yet.

2. Mellow Doubt
Probably my favourite Teenage Fanclub song. It’s such fun to play and sing. I first worked it out when I was on a promo tour of Germany in 1997. I was on my own in a hotel room, missing my wife terribly and feeling totally isolated. All I had was my guitar and this song on my CD walkman (yep, it was that long ago!).

3. It Doesn’t Matter Two
Like every true Depechie, my favourite album is ‘Black Celebration.’ And this sublime love song is off that classic. I think it’s prime Martin Gore: sex, death, lust, nihilism, existentialism all wrapped up in catchy melodies and sharp lyrics. And it sounds a bit Russian too, for some reason.

4. Mattias
This is Mattias signing off the night in Swedish. I do hope he’s not being rude!

If you’d like to have this EP, just click here and I’ll be yours in a jiffy.

I hope you enjoy it, have a lovely festive season and a wonderful 2010!
love and kisses,

December 24, 2009. posted by Jyoti. Music.

Lovely Balls


I just found, via Twitter, a lovely article written about the impact of music that mentions ‘Your Woman.’ Here’s an excerpt:

According to Dillon, a critical moment in music occurs when “you are listening to a piece of music and say, ‘Somehow this changes everything’.” One such critical moment in my life was hearing White Town’s only hit Your Woman from the album “Women in Technology”; I was around thirteen years old. White Town’s vocals were unlike anything I had heard before. The sexual ambiguity and the sonic narrative (that is, the narrative created by the music, lyrics and vocals) pushed the boundaries for me. Somehow it changed everything.
(Source: Excuse My Solecism)

It’s a great read and I’m flattered to be included. Thank you! 🙂

October 29, 2009. posted by Jyoti. Reviews.

White Town Live At HDIF, 24/9/09

White Town Live At How Does It Feel
(pics by Ian Watson)

Wow – I had a brilliant time playing at How Does It Feel To Be Loved? in London on Thursday night. And I was honoured to be on the same bill as Honey Pine Dresser, Cavalcade and Arthur & Martha. All fab bands and lovely peeps.

The gig started off a little bit unevenly – I was trying to tune my acoustic guitar with the tuner pedal but the disco was so loud, the tuner was trying to tune that. So, I tuned up, hit an E chord and… chaos! My god! I finally had to get the bewildered DJs to turn the music down completely and then managed to get it right. Tuning up is one of things you take for granted, it’s almost an irrelevancy. Until it fails and then you realise how utterly boned you are.

After that initial hoo-haa, the gig itself went beautifully. The audience was really attentive and, for such a large number of people, really quiet. I’d almost say they were Swedish attentive! 😛

What made me beam was seeing people singing along with songs that weren’t ‘Your Woman.’ There was a lad right at the front and I swear he knew the lyrics to everything from ‘We’ll Always Have Paris’ to ‘Death In Kettering.’ That’s basically 19 years’ worth of White Town covered! How flattering is that?

I was also pleased because there were sooo many cute girls within my sight. If I’m singing to women, inevitably, I sing better. It’s basically why I keep doing the rest of what I do, for that brief time when I connect with someone like that, look a total stranger in the eyes and open my heart to her. I guess if I was gay, I’d be singing for the cute boys. 😉

Of course, the biggest response was for ‘Your Woman.’ Everyone was singing and jigging about, it was a bouncy, party vibe. Which is always ironic since it’s such a depressing and horrible song! It’s always rather spooky to hear lyrics you wrote in a tiny spare bedroom being sung back at you en masse! 🙂

HDIF Peeps

After the gig, I chatted with loads of friendly, highly sexy people and even got to dance to ‘Sensitive’ with a group of them.

Jen + White Town single

I was also chuffed that I sold quite a few records, including some copies of my debut single you can see being held by the gorgeous Jen above.


And then, to top the day off perfectly, we even managed to track down a proper Full English at the services on the way home. I could feel my arteries blocking as I scoffed it! Yaaay!

Earlier in the night, Ian HDIF was asking me why I’d never played London before. And I told him the truth: I’ve never been asked! Admittedly, I hadn’t got any kind of proper live thing going back in ’97 when ‘Your Woman’ was in the charts but I probably could have knocked out an acoustic set.

But I also reminded him that when I wrote this rant, he was the only person who got in touch with me to ask me to do something in Britain (HDIF DJing back then). It’s all a matter of having people like Ian Watson or Mattias Jansson around: people who put on nights for all the right reasons and who refuse, steadfastly, to make it easier by putting them on for all the wrong reasons. There aren’t many of these gems around, I know my life would be a lot greyer and sadder without their influence. And I suspect yours would be too. I’ll remember playing that gig on Thursday night, the people I met, the fun I had singing for them, for a long, long time.

And if you’re the supercute, manga-eyed girl I was singing the perviest bits of ‘Death In Kettering’ directly at, sorry but I couldn’t help it – you’re gorgeous! 😛

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Cosy Den Five Year Festival

Gula Villan
(Click any of the pics to see a gallery of the day!)

Just over a month ago, on August 1st, I played the Cosy Den Five Year festival. It was brilliant. This is the line-up for that day:

Cosy Den Running Order

Jap Adaptors
Tada Tata
Paddington DC
The Paper Merchants
White Town
Vit Pals
Allo Darlin’
Suburban Kids With Biblical Names
Cats On Fire
Erik De Vahl
Mats Jonsson

I recommend you check out each and every one of those bands. They’re all brilliant. I can honestly say there wasn’t a single band I disliked or didn’t enjoy on the day. And I’m quite grumpy when it comes to multi-band all-dayers so that’s not faint praise. Since coming back, I’ve made a little iTunes playlist of the bands from that day, yes, I am that silly. 🙂

I first played Cosy Den waay back in 2005. Click here to read about that.

Back? Good.

Well, everything I said in that post still holds true. Sweden still feels like my musical home. The audience at Cosy Den last month was fabulous: attentive and involved. I’ve been to too many gigs in Britain where hipsters yammer on through the whole thing. They’re there to be seen, not to see the bands. Not at Cosy Den!

It was a wonderful feeling to be sitting there, just me, my acoustic and this group of people ready to connect, willing to go where I wanted to take them. Well, I say wonderful, it’s actually the best feeling a songwriter can have. I do love getting fan mail and nice comments on videos but there’s nothing to match interacting with an audience.

Because of personal shit I’ve been going through, the gig was intense even by my standards. I had to hold myself back a couple of times as I didn’t want to go mental on stage and start sobbing. After all, the show must go on. Innit?

Cats On Fire

Mattias from Cats On Fire guested on the second verse of ‘Your Woman.’ He was great as they’ve recently been doing me the honour of covering my song live. Click here to see that. (And, in return, I completely murdered the second verse of ‘Higher Grounds.’ God, I was awful. 🙂 )

The whole day seems dreamlike to me now. That’s why I’ve waited so long to write about it, I needed to process it all in my head. It all seems too good to be true. The music, the people in bands I met, the people not in bands I met, the venue. Honestly, it was more like watching some beautiful independent film than playing a gig.

Instead of selling my records, I decided to give them away in exchange for secrets. As a result, I got to talk to loads of people and hear their secrets. None of which I’ll ever reveal, of course – a combination of trustworthiness and my terrible memory will ensure that.

Gula Villan Cosy Den At Night

I owe Cosy Den a lot. If Mattias hadn’t emailed me all those years ago and asked me to come and play, I wouldn’t have had the best gigging experiences of my life. And I wouldn’t have played with some of the best bands in the world. I find it quite amazing and a little scary how such a simple initial action (an email) can wind up affecting my life so much.

So, thank you Cosy Den! Here’s to five years of greatness and to many more too! 🙂

September 8, 2009. posted by Jyoti. News.

Newcastle Gig

White Town Live In Newcastle, July 12th, 2009
It’s me! (Pic taken by Geoff Kosmonaut.)

On July 12th, I played at The Head of Steam, Newcastle. It was great.

The gig was organised by Stephen This Almighty Pop and I was lucky enough to be playing with his band Kosmonaut and also with The Honda Express (featuring members of Strawberry Story).

Although Stephen thought the turnout was too low, that never matters to me. Having done both, I’d rather play to a small audience who are really into it than a hefty swell of disinterested hipsters.

The audience was perfect for me: I could look at them, try to connect with them. My songs are all intensely personal, all autobiographical so every gig is something of a confessional. Somehow, being able to see the eyes of the person you’re singing to makes it less contrived, more real.

A lovely girl came up after the gig, she’d come along because of ‘Your Woman,’ of course, but she’d danced and swayed through the rest of the set too. She said I’d made her year, bless her! That’s the kind of comment every egomaniac songwriter loves to hear. 🙂

After the gig, I was on such a high that I was mentally fit enough to go and play the Cosy Den Festival after all. You see, these things snowball…

So, a very belated thanks to Stephen and everyone I met that night. You’re brill.

August 8, 2009. posted by Jyoti. News.

A Busy Time

Busy Bee

I’ve been very busy lately which is good for my life, bad for regular website updates. 🙂

To round it up:

Sunday July 12th – first British gig in years for my mate Stephen Almighty Pop. Ace!

Saturday 18th July – I DJed at How Does It Feel in London. Double ace!

Friday 24th to Sunday 26th JulyIndietracks! Triple ace!

Tuesday 28th July to Tuesday 4th August – I was in Sweden to play the Cosy Den 5 Year Festival. Infinity ace!

I’ll write more about each of those events shortly, when I have enough thinking time to sort everything out in my head. I feel like the last four weeks, I’ve done more than in the previous six months. I’ve played two fantastic gigs, met loads of lovely new people and heard some wonderful secrets.

It’s been intense and I feel utterly drained today. I’m wondering… what now? Inevitably, there’s something of a sense of post-come about everything now. Although I know that will fade, I partly don’t want it to dissipate as it spurs me on to keep trying to be more adventurous. Innit.

So, for any regular readers, sorry for the paucity of posts. But you’ll be getting shitloads soon. 🙂

August 8, 2009. posted by Jyoti. News.

Cosy Den Festival

Cosy Den Festival

I’m very happy to say that I’m playing the Cosy Den festival in Stockholm:

I’ve played at Cosy Den four times since 2005 and every gig has been brilliant!

If you can make it to the Saturday, when I’m playing, please do come and say hello! 🙂
love and kisses,

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White Town Live!

White Town Live at the Head Of Steam

Sunday 12th July,
Head Of Steam,
8pm – Entry £4

Although I’ve been gigging in Finland and Sweden the last few years, I haven’t played in Britain for aaages.

So, I’m hugely pleased to be playing this gig organised by This Almighty Pop!

Stephen from TAP! you may know from his earlier band, Bulldozer Crash (who I played bass for at one gig). And his new band Kosmonaut will also be playing.

Also playing are The Honda Express, ex-Strawberry Story popsters.

It’s going to be one indietastic night! 🙂

Come along, dance, sing, get happy! 🙂

And, if you’re on Facebook, here’s the event:

White Town live in Newcastle

June 28, 2009. posted by Jyoti. New Gigs.

Am I Me?


You know, identity is always suspect. Years ago, someone even pretended to be me to get free drinks in pubs, pretty bizarre behaviour for someone straight-edge like me. 🙂

So, just so you know, here I am:

Say hello! 🙂

May 4, 2009. posted by Jyoti. News.

Earth Hour 2009 Video

I made a little video last night during Earth Hour. I was going to do it in candlelight but I thought these fellers might be more fun! The music is a new instrumental that’ll be on my next album. Hope you like it! 🙂

March 29, 2009. posted by Jyoti. Videos.

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