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Yaay! Here’s a review of ‘Monopole’ by Tim Peacock for whisperinandhollerin. I’m very flattered! 🙂

“I tend to blanch at the phrase ‘one hit wonder’, but sadly poor old Jyoti Mishra (aka WHITE TOWN) will probably always be identified with his against-run-of-play hit single ‘Your Woman’ and its’ attendant decent-selling album ‘Women in Technology’ released on Chrysalis/ EMI in 1997.

There again, while Mishra may not have dented the charts since, I doubt his fifteen minutes in the spotlight have actually affected him in too adverse a fashion. The reason the ‘hit’ seemed such a surprise at the time was because he came from a staunchly developed DIY background, so rather than chase his tail desperately trying for the elusive ‘massive’ follow up, he’s simply said “ta-ra” to the majors, retreated to his own space and continued to release relevant new material in his own time. Lest we not forget that while his last two albums (‘Peek and Poke’ and ‘Don’t Mention the War’) may not have been ‘headline’ releases, they both garnered plenty of critical acclaim.

Released on his own Bzangy imprint, his latest, ‘Monopole’ has plenty to recommend it too. Breezy and eminently personal, none of its’ 11 tracks busts the 4-minute mark, while sonically the menu is almost wholly pop-oriented and highly immediate. The fact Mishra is in the process of making a video for every track suggests he’s confident many of these little blighters could do the biz on the single front.

Brisk synth-popper ‘Cut out My Heart’ gets us underway, though the defiantly hurt lyric (“cut out my heart and throw that shit away/ I’m not gonna use it after today”) goes resolutely against the Moroder-like thrum of the music. Like most of what follows, it simply breezes past and while Mishra can sometimes veer a little close to tweeness for my liking (’Missing Her Again’, the Jack Peñate-ish ‘She’s a Lot Like You’), tracks like the pissed-off, almost Mary Chain-ish attack of ‘Have I Gone Too Far?’, acoustic confessional ‘I Don’t Want to Fall in Love Again’ and the wonderfully evocative, OST-style ‘Theme for Turku Central Station’ are all bracing and memorable on their own terms.

While it would be easy to suggest Jyoti Mishra came out of nowhere and went straight back there, ‘Monopole’ again reminds us that he has actually long since cracked the art of longevity and gives not a fig which way the fickle winds of the zeitgeist are blowing. Long may he retain his uncompromising stance.”

January 4, 2012. posted by Jyoti. Reviews.

Crimbo Pressie – Acoustic Version of ‘Cut Out My Heart’

HO HO HO! Hope everyone has a Festive Whatever and a great 2012! Here’a a little pressie from me, a free download of an acoustic version of ‘Cut Out My Heart.’ If you like it, please share it! Love and Crimbo kisses from Jyoti!


And here’s another one!

December 25, 2011. posted by Jyoti. Music.

Leftdance Interview

Yaay! Lovely interview with Spanish music blog Leftdance, click here to see it or here for the English version! 😀

December 4, 2011. posted by Jyoti. Interviews.

Three Imaginary Girls Interview

Thanks to Matt Schild for interviewing me for the wonderful Three Imaginary Girls website. Click here for the full thingy! 🙂

December 3, 2011. posted by Jyoti. Interviews.


HDIF Presents
Thursday 24th November
White Town + A Fine Day For Sailing + Fever Dream + Frozy
Jamm, 261 Brixton Road, London SW9 6LH, map here, FREE admission

White Town
Welcome return to HDIF for Jyoti Mishra, AKA White Town, who’s best known for his 1997 Number One hit, “Your Woman”. Expect a mixture of acoustic and electronic songs and, in Jyoti’s own words, “my songs are all intensely personal, all autobiographical so every gig is something of a confessional.”

A Fine Day For Sailing
An indiepop group from Exeter recently relocated to London, A Fine Day For Sailing cite Belle and Sebastian, the Beach Boys, Television Personalities and Orange Juice.as influences. Their ranks contain a couple of the now disbanded Gresham Flyers.

Fever Dream
A brand new trio fron London, Fever Dream play superb feedback-drenched dreampop in the vein of early Jesus And Mary Chain, Magazine and Sonic Youth.

A three piece from London, Frozy play adorable lo-fi pop. Or as they say: “we’re a DIY type pop band with occasional noise. Favourite bands are Jonathan Richman, Velvet Underground, Wave Pictures, Herman Dune, Jens Lekman and all that flim flam. We’ve supported the Bundles, Jeffrey Lewis, and played with Kimya Dawson a number of times, as well as organising a tour all over Europe.”

7.30pm Doors open
8pm-8.30pm – Frozy
8.45pm-9.15pm – Fever Dream
9.30pm-10pm – A Fine Day For Sailing
10.15pm – White Town

Spyros and Ioannis (More Than This)
Tim Scullion (Hong Kong In The 60s)

November 22, 2011. posted by Jyoti. New Gigs.

Monopole on iTunes!

My new album is now on iTunes! Click here!

Or, if you prefer CD, click here. Perhaps you’re anti-iTunes? Then try my Bandcamp. 🙂

I’m very proud of ‘Monopole.’ It was a huge struggle to get it finished, through separation/divorce, horrible family illnesses and all the subsequent fall-out those events entail.

But now it’s done and my baby is out there in the world. Please take care of it and give it hugs. 🙂

November 16, 2011. posted by Jyoti. Music, News.

New Video – Invisible Elastic

Here’s another track from my new album, ‘Monopole,’ (you can buy it here). My friend Laura is starring in it and she did a wonderful job following my tyrannical direction. “CRY NOW! TEARS! I WANT TEARS, WOMAN!”

Enjoy! 🙂

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White Town – Monopole

My new album, ‘Monopole,’ is now available to listen (and maybe buy!) on Bandcamp! 😀

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New White Town album, front!New White Town album, CD!New White Town album, back!New White Town album!

New White Town Album!, a set on Flickr.

Well, I’ve just got 1,000 copies of my new album, the fifth one I’ve made, delivered. Feeling quite emotional.

It’s called ‘Monopole’ and I’m very proud of it. It was made in very difficult times, which you’ll know if you read this blog regularly.

I can tell you ~ there is no better job in existence than being a musician! ?

October 11, 2011. posted by Jyoti. News.

Busy Bee – New White Town Singles

I’ve been mad busy the last couple of weeks, mastering album tracks and also making pop vids. It’s been hectic!

For this album, I’m planning to release a vid for every track on the album. It’s partly because people only seem to share YouTube links for music now and partly because I want to push myself further as a film-maker and this is an excellent way to do it.

Here’s the first one (excluding ‘Cut Out My Heart‘ which I made last year):

‘Missing Her Again’ is a track I wrote way back in 1987. I decided to re-visit it for this album as it seems to fit my life again in lots of ways, sadly. I recorded a version way back then and it’s funny listening to my voice with a different, younger timbre.

And here’s the one I stuck up yesterday:

This song is a year old and it comes out of a similar place to ‘Missing Her Again’ in that it’s a love song written about someone who isn’t around any more. Here’s a more detailed explanation from a Facebook exchange I had:


And I filmed another vid with my friend Laura on Tuesday. I’ve got a little production line going! 🙂

August 18, 2011. posted by Jyoti. Music, News, Videos.

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