NEW SINGLE! – Craig David Girl

WOOHOO! Today, my new single is released and it can finally scamper through the aethers! Please have a listen and share if you like it.

June 1, 2018. posted by Jyoti. News.

Hoping To Get Verified For Spotify!

Fingers crossed! 😀

March 20, 2017. posted by Jyoti. News.

White Town – Oh, David

I’m so happy to announce the you can now buy my new single, ‘Oh, David’ from this link at iTunes:

It’s also available on Amazon, Spotify and every other kind of digital doobrie.

I hope you like it, buy it and finance me finally getting that yacht! 😛

November 1, 2016. posted by Jyoti. Music, Videos.

Facebook Page

Hoping to get it officially verified today – it’s at:

April 18, 2016. posted by Jyoti. News.

White Town In The Guardian

Nice interview and mention in this article about cult bands going massive by Paul Lester:

Click here for the full article!

January 22, 2016. posted by Jyoti. Interviews.

How I Love You

It’s July the 1st and my new single, How I Love You, is available for download on iTunes, streaming on Spotify and a host of other places.

Please check it out! 🙂

Happy hottest day in England everrrrrr!

July 1, 2015. posted by Jyoti. Music, News, Videos.

I’m Giving Up

Here’s the video for my NEW SINGLE I’m Giving Up which stars my awesome friend Mary Macken Allen!

Enjoy! 😀

April 17, 2015. posted by Jyoti. Music, News, Videos.

Review Of ‘I Wanna Be Your Ex’ 7″ Single

So, it’s great having a 7″ vinyl single out again and even greater when it gets a lovely review like this one here by 7 Inches.

Here’s a screengrab of it ->



Buy your copy now from Golly Jane Records!

April 16, 2015. posted by Jyoti. Reviews.

I Wanna Be Your Ex

August 30, 2014. posted by Jyoti. Music. Interview

Lovely interview with Dan Weiss of which you can read by clicking here.

I had a blast chatting with him and, as usual, acted like a total gobshite.

August 30, 2014. posted by Jyoti. Interviews.

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