A New Surprise

A New Surprise

I heard about you
It made me feel less blue
That may sound strange
I’ll tell you why
I’m growing older and
In many ways much colder
But it doesn’t take that much
To make me smile

Can you see the stars shining in his eyes?
And when love is new
Each day’s a new surprise

Where are the Jetsons
And flying restaurants?
Where is my golf course on the moon?
The future’s golden
But our hearts are olden and
They seem to dance to all the old tunes

When I was younger and
So much more foolish I
Nearly lost the one
Who makes it work
She walked right by me and
Didn’t even try me I
Didn’t notice she was gone
Till it hurt

Now I see the stars shining in her eyes
And when love is old
Each day’s a new surprise
A new surprise