Philogrammetry (2023)

Last Week
Move On Me
A Sure Thing
Sleep The Days Away
Every Day
I Want To Go Back
Stockholm Syndrome
Rising Tide
Whatever You Want

Monopole (2011)

Cut Out My Heart
She’s A Lot Like You
Till I Die
I Don’t Want To Fall In Love Again
Have I Gone Too Far?
Invisible Elastic
You Fill Me Up
How Love Feels
Missing Her Again
Anywhere But Here

Don’t Mention The War (2006)

Make The World Go Away
A New Surprise
Somewhere Blue
I Was Trotsky’s Nun
Hold It In
Death In Kettering
Whenever I Say Hello
The Straight-Edge Atheists’ Hymn
Sabrina, Won’t You Help Us Out?

Peek And Poke (2000)

Another Lover
Why I Hate Drugs
Every Second Counts
In My Head
Bunny Boiler
She Left For Paris
I’m Alone
The Story Of My Life

Women In Technology (1997)

Thursday At The Blue Note
A Week Next June
Your Woman
White Town
The Shape Of Love
The Function Of The Orgasm
Going Nowhere Somehow
Death Of My Desire
Once I Flew