I Want To Go Back

I want to go back
To the days life was easy
I want to go back
When everything wasn’t done
I want to go back
To the time I am missing
I want go back
And feel the warmth of that sun

Do you understand That every plan Collapses in the end Then you’re left outside High and dry

Trying to make amends

If you want me to
I’ve a gift for you
A way to ease the pain There’s no needle no pill No cowardly thrill
It’s all inside your brain

And though the years cloud the memories You never forget those simpler times

As we’re travelling through Cerulean blue
The decades passing by We interphase

With older days
That long-forgotten sky

Feel the sun burn in your sheltered skin As she pulls her dress up high
As her lips erase all those wasted days You remember who you are