1. Cut Out My Heart 2.52
2. She’s A Lot Like You 2.34
3. Till I Die 3.02
4. I Don’t Want To Fall In Love Again 2.48
5. Have I Gone Too Far? 3.37
6. Theme For Turku Central Station 2.14
7. Invisible Elastic 3.47
8. You Fill Me Up 2.53
9. How Love Feels 2.37
10. Missing Her Again 3.18
11. Anywhere But Here 1.22

Hello and thanks to:
Emma Moore, Michael Nesmith, Ian Hunt, Zygmunt Bauman, Alain de Botton, Paul Sellars, Debbie Poyser, Rob Lab, Malcolm Schofield, Mattias Jansson, Erin Moore, Joanny Davier, Sean Dodds, Kelly Wright, Alison Eales, Butcher Boy, Matthew Swan, Rose Holyoak, Vanessa Rockel, Kaypea Porsch, Natalie Barratt, Tracey Barratt, my Mum and Dad and always, always Ele, still the most beautifullest girl in the world.