1.I Wanna Be Your Ex 02:34
2.Oh, David 03:43
3.The Barren Seas 03:18
4.Theme For A Streaming Series About The Pirate Queen Ching Shih 02:28
5.I’m Giving Up 03:18
6.How I Love You 03:48
7.Craig David Girl 02:33
8.Reel Raag 01:38
9.Are You That Kind Of Girl? 03:08
10.Deemab 03:51
11.Your Woman 1917 04:56
12.Edge Is Strong, Edge Is Sharp 04:15
13.This Could Be The Best Thing 05:23

This album is dedicated to my father.

I miss you and you will always be my hero.

All songs written, performed and recorded by Jyoti Mishra except:

9. Vocal by Natalie Barratt. Written by Mishra / Barratt
10. Swearing by Abbey McLaughlin