Fairweather Friend EP

7" Vinyl, 1992, Elefant Records ER-106

A Side: Fairweather Friend 3.10
The Taste Of A Girl 3.40

B Side: An Idiot Sings 2.10
I Just Want To Die 4.29

Everything: Jyoti Mishra

Recorded on 8-Track

Thanks: Luis Calvo, Thierry, Vero, Anne, Lise, Fabrice Tanguy, Fabien Garcia, Vincent Alienor, Peter Hahndorf, Holger Watzka, Mateo Guiscafre, Bob Costa, Alberto Pimentel, Dave & Charm, Erlend Larsen, Masami Imai, Masashi Naka, Mizuo Inoue, My Guru Says, Die Funf Feunde, The Legendary Bang, Razorblade Smile, Bulldozer Crash, The Sugargliders, The Little Rabbits, Philippe Katerine, Les Mistons, Antiseptic Beauty, Iris, The Almanacs, Venus Bluejeans, The Marmite Sisters, The Spinning Jennys, Adam Cotton Candy, Martin Blaster, Madi, Deirdre & Jane.