All She Said EP


7" vinyl, 1991, Parasol 004

A Side: Catherine 3.39
B Side: All She Said 6.01

White Town Are:
Bass: Sean Deegan
Vocals & guitars: Jyoti Mishra

Recording Engineer: Michael Birtill
Producer: Jyoti
Location: Loisville 8-Track
Re-mastered at the Spacedome
Drums courtesy of Nick Glyn-Davies

Thanks: Geoff & Sara Parasol, Steve Biscuit, Christine Sweet-Thursday, Dave BPM, Steve Almighty Pop, Chris Fish, Kaz Ford, Steve Red Roses, Mat Kaplan, Thierry Nollet, Veronique Hyacinth, Anne Bobby’s Hips, Lise, Peter Hahndorf, Matt Spacedome & The Jellies, Manuel Stamp, Sophie Hellop, Josh Sugarglider, Dave Seasons Pass, Our Mums & Dads, Your Mums & Dads, Michael Nesmith and Alexandra Kollontai.