Alain Delon EP

7" Vinyl, 1991, Parasol 008

A Side: Hair Like Alain Delon* 4.07
And Then It Changed 2.40

B Side: John Selwyn Gummer 4.35
Life’s Too Short 2.09

White Town Are:
Bass: Sean Deegan
Vocals & guitars: Jyoti Mishra
* Additional backing vocals by Ann Pearson

Recording Engineer: Michael Birtill

Producer: Jyoti

Location: Loisville 8-Track
Re-mastered at the Spacedome
Drums courtesy of Nick Glyn-Davies

Thanks: All the same people as last time plus – Sonja Panic, Francois Truffaut, Marie C., Joe Haldeman, Jeff Minter, Leonard Rossiter, John Romer, Rachel Here’s One We Prepared Earlier, Heather Couper, Bill Forsyth, Ice Cube, KRS-1, Phil K. Dick, Adam TWSDZ, Stephen Hawking, Albert, Jean-Paul, Vladimir Ilich, Mohandas K., Rosa Luxembourg, Sylvia Pankhurst, Our New Drummer (Mr. TR-707), and Michael Nesmith