Undressed (CD Single)

Hmmm… well golly gee, you try and do an understated cover of a seminal Magnetic Fields track and you end up sounding like a cross between Sigue Sigue Sputnik and Animotion. I guess Stephin won’t dig it but as long as a few of you go out and buy some MF, 6ths, Future Bible Heroes or Gothic Archie stuff, I reckon he won’t mind that much 😉
Think of all the bands/labels out there, plugging away year after year like I have been since 1989. Think of all that great pop music that you *won’t* hear because it isn’t fashionable/commercial/thin enough to be marketable. Meanwhile, the word “indie” has been rendered useless by it’s misappropriation. Every week a new bunch of suckas gets pushed as the new indie saviours. To paraphrase a greater man than me, they’re so-and-so, they’re this, they’re that. But they’re all just wick-wick-wack. But that *doesn’t* mean there isn’t fabulous music waiting just around the corner. Look at Camp Lo or Linus’ new stuff…
That’s what it’s all about for me. I remain, after all these years, a music fan. Who knows how long White Town will have this current media attention? I certainly have no clue 🙂
But while I’m here, I’m gonna get as many people famous as I can 😉