Bzangy Groink, 7.18pm, Friday 8th September, 2023

The most foolish thing about being old is thinking that you know life. You’ve loved, you’ve lost. Maybe you’ve even occasionally won. You’ve been through it. What more could the universe throw at your crinkly old bonce?

Well, a fuckload, apparently.

The greatest thing about being old is being surprised, is having everything you thought you knew just pulled out from under you like some kind of tablecloth-mag- ic-trick deal. Your body is a knackered, unreliable fleshtube of disappointments and maladies but your spirit is a mesmerised, drooling kid.

The songs on this album are about people who have done that magic and they definitely had nothing up their sleeves. They’ve made me cry and laugh, I’ve felt so lonely without them and like the stupidest, happiest puppy when I see them again. I’ve made so many memories and experienced some of the most intense, alive times of my life. Have you ever been with someone and you couldn’t stop trembling be- cause they make you feel so wildly, viscerally alive? You can barely speak because your heart and your head are overloaded switchboards, crackling with danger and joy?

I’ve done my best to capture those highs and lows, to share those strange emotions with you because, however old you are reading this, something aston- ishing is just round the corner for you.

Trust me.