Bzangy Groink, Monday 31/12/2018, 3.46AM

This album covers a lot of years and a lot of events. I’ve lost people I’ve loved dearly and they have not and cannot be replaced. It also covers a lot of change, within and without.

Deemab tracks hopeful new beginnings and joyless grey endings. The ebb and flow of relation- ships is not quite tides but is often depressingly close. At the start, your heart’s full of hope and you think, ‘This is it! This one will reach escape velocity! This is the rocket I’ve been wait- ing for!’ Then you watch as your love crashes and burns. Only then do you think, in hindsight, it was inevitable. Then you light another rocket.

Deemab is also very much about trying to find new ways to live and to love and becoming a new person in the process. If you’ve ever felt suffocated by some arbitrary label slapped on you by society, I hope you find some kinship here. Because, fuck, that’s my entire life.

But we also imprison ourselves. We care too much about the opinions of strangers and too little about our own desires. We choose to feel nothing rather than feeling bad. We alter our perceptions of reality rather than reality itself.

Fuck all that.

Look around you. It all needs to go, every label, every attack, every capitalist, every single thing that confines us to norms that never fitted anyone in the first place. You can do it with a Molotov, you can do it with a kiss, there’s a million ways to fight this war. But it all needs to go.

Now – who’s with me? love and kisses,