Paris Gig & DJing!

I’m very chuffed to say that in around a fortnight, I’ll be playing my first ever gig in Paris:

Another Sunny Night #5: Panama (FR) + The Starlets (UK) + White Town (UK)
L’International, Paris
5/7 rue Moret
(Click here for venue details)

Thanks very much to Joanny Davier and the other ASN peeps for inviting me!

Oh! And I’m DJing the night before, the 13th, at the Planete Mars Club (details here). Very excited about that, too!


April 28, 2011. posted by Jyoti. New Gigs.

Hangover Lounge Gig & EP

HAngover lounge
Click for some blurry phone pics.

On Sunday, I played The Hangover Lounge again and it was a bit strange… well, my bit was. The wonderful Rozi Plain and Nat Johnson who played before me weren’t strange at well. They both played delicate, intimate sets and you should check out their stuff immediately. The gig was for the launch of the second Hangover Lounge EP, which I’m honoured to be on with an acoustic version of my track ‘Cut Out My Heart’ (original synthpop version here).

So, Rozi and Nat both performed flawlessly and then, my turn. Well, I’ve been quite unsettled since my final divorce came through a few weeks ago and singing such intense, private songs was very, very hard. I made it through though, having my tiny ginger mate Kaypea in the front row helped loads.

It’s a question of balance: if one is too relaxed, not nervous at all, one can fall into an autopilot gig mode, not meaning anything one is singing. On the other hand, when I finished, my hands were trembling for a couple of minutes. I meant every word. Perhaps too much.

Ah well, people said they enjoyed the gig so that’s the main thing. But if it was a little claustrophobic, my apologies. Normal service will be resumed when my brain allows. 🙂

Oh, nearly forgot:

That’s Nat guesting on ‘Your Woman.’ What a beautiful voice!

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