Merry Crimbo!

Crimbo Pengies - 03

Hello! Even though I’m a bit of a bahhumbug when it comes to Crimbo, I thought I’d give you all a little pressie this year. Ladies and gentlemen, I present the present of the Mental At 5am EP!

Did you read this rambling post? Read it now? Good!

Well, the night I talk about there, the night that Mattias Cosy Den stayed over is when I recorded this live, acoustic EP. We stayed up very late and I chose one of my own songs plus a couple of covers that I love. Here’s what’s on the EP:

1. Death In Kettering
This is one of mine, taken off the last album, ‘Don’t Mention The War.’ I love doing this song acoustically, I don’t know why. It’s just one of the purest songs I’ve written. Whenever you write a song, you have the idea of it in your head and then, after a while, you have the finished thing. Mostly, the reality will diverge from the idea. But ‘Death In Kettering’ is probably the closest I’ve got to the idea yet.

2. Mellow Doubt
Probably my favourite Teenage Fanclub song. It’s such fun to play and sing. I first worked it out when I was on a promo tour of Germany in 1997. I was on my own in a hotel room, missing my wife terribly and feeling totally isolated. All I had was my guitar and this song on my CD walkman (yep, it was that long ago!).

3. It Doesn’t Matter Two
Like every true Depechie, my favourite album is ‘Black Celebration.’ And this sublime love song is off that classic. I think it’s prime Martin Gore: sex, death, lust, nihilism, existentialism all wrapped up in catchy melodies and sharp lyrics. And it sounds a bit Russian too, for some reason.

4. Mattias
This is Mattias signing off the night in Swedish. I do hope he’s not being rude!

If you’d like to have this EP, just click here and I’ll be yours in a jiffy.

I hope you enjoy it, have a lovely festive season and a wonderful 2010!
love and kisses,

December 24, 2009. Music.