The Jeunes

The Jeunes

The Jeunes were a great band:

The Jeunes were a band from Seattle, Washington, influenced primarily by British new wave and post punk. Comparisons ranged from the Cure, Stone Roses, Velvet Underground and Joy Division to Jesus & Mary Chain, Sonic Youth and Opal.

They formed in 2002; disbanded in 2005. Their only release was a four song EP, although they left behind unfinished and unreleased recordings of many more songs.

I just got this email from James Jeune:

Hi Jyoti,

Hope you’re doing well!

I just wanted to let you know we finally got around to releasing your 2004 remix of “Never Be The Same” – on a new LP by the Jeunes called Strangers In The Night.

Ironically the LP is mostly 2008 remixes of recordings the Jeunes made in 2004/5. In keeping with the history of the band, we decided to make it available as a free download. You can download it in 256k MP3 form (with cover art) in a single zip file here. The password to open the file is “june” (without the quotes).

Folks can also download from iTunes, emusic, Amazon and a limited edition CD is available from CD Baby.

Our website is here.

Feel free to give out the free download link on your blog or anywhere else – otherwise feel free to just download a copy for yourself if you’re interested!


James (& the Jeunes)

Well, better late than never! 🙂

And it’s FREEEEE!

January 20, 2009. News.