Subba-Cultcha DMTW Review

SubbaCultcha Review

Wahey! Just got a fantastic review from Subba-Cultcha, you can read it by clicking here.

And here it is in plain-text glory:

White Town
Don’t Mention The War

Bzangy Records

Don’t write him off as a one-hit wonder. Guitar-based electro from straight outta the bedsit.

I’ve always had a soft spot for bedsit artists. They owned the myspace revolution before there was one. When Jyoti Mishra hit the number one spot back when most people were worrying about whether it was cooler to like Damon or Liam, I cheered inwardly but, deep down, knew that it was a bit of a fluke.

A decade later, and a whopping 6 years after he last troubled the record-buying public, he’s back – and this time, he’s grown up a bit.

A more mature writing style and a stronger voice stand him in good stead – still recognizable, but with more depth, somehow. But where “Don’t Mention The War” really stands out is in the instrumentation.

This is where the sabbatical has clearly been put to good use. Jyoti has discovered guitars (acoustic guitars and synths are a much maligned and misunderstood combination) and some has some rather fancy new tricks up his sleeve on the mixer too.

An album by a man at ease with his talent, and doing it for love.

By Chris Merriman

This release was published on 19 Feb 2007.

Oooh, now that was a nice thing to find in my inbox this morning! 😀

February 22, 2007. posted by Jyoti. Reviews.

White Town iTunes Charts

White Town iTunes Charts

Above is the UK iTunes chart for my songs, ranked by sales. I’m very chuffed that slots two and three are songs from my new album, ‘Don’t Mention The War.’ Yaay!

Also cool is that number four is an acoustic ballad from my second album, ‘Peek & Poke.’

Soon, my first album, ‘Socialism, Sexism & Sexuality‘ will be added to iTunes too and then I’ll have all four albums I’ve done on there (the EMI one has been up for ages, of course).

This is only possible thanks to the magnificently transparent and helpful CD Baby. Apple are an absolute pain to deal with personally, CD Baby rode to the rescue! They make the whole process of selling my music, either physical CDs or online, very, very easy.

If you’re an independent musician like me, check them out! 😀

February 19, 2007. posted by Jyoti. News.

Herald Observer Feb ’07

Herald Observer Review

And here’s another review in for ‘Don’t Mention The War‘ from the Herald Observer. I like the bit about “pointless list of names” .. heh… 😀

Pretty good!

February 14, 2007. posted by Jyoti. Reviews.

Sunday Mercury

Below is the interview I did recently with the Birmingham Sunday Mercury. I had no idea it would be such a big feature!


Sunday Mercury Interview

And now here’s what it actually says:

A CHART topping Midland pop star is to name and shame MPs who voted for the invasion of Iraq in a controversial anti-war song.

Jyoti Mishra, who performs under the pseudonym White Town, has recorded a track titled These Are The MPs on his forthcoming comeback album Don’t Mention The War.

Over a synthesiser drone, the 40-year-old Derby musician recites the names of all 412 MPs who gave the Government the authority to topple Saddam during a Commons debate.

They include Birmingham politicians such as Estelle Morris, Steve McCabe and Gisela Stuart. Outspoken anti-war MP Clare Short is conspicuous by her absence.

Mishra, who lives in Derby and topped the UK singles chart in 1997 with Your Woman, says songs on the album are meant to remind people that the horrors of war continue daily.

“I used to be a lefty,” he told the Sunday Mercury. “Now I’m a failed lefty. I thought I knew everything there was to know about politics, but then I started to question my own beliefs.

“One absolute certainty, however, is that the invasion of Iraq was illegal. Even people who were in favour of war back in 2003 now admit that it was wrong.

“Day to day life goes on here; in Britain while we pay our taxes to have people killed in Iraq. We watch Celebrity Big Brother while we bomb children. I don’t want to kill

The synth songwriter says he wanted to capture the contrast between everyday life and war on the album – but it’s These Are The MPs which will spark controversy.

“It is a list of all those who voted for the invasion of Iraq,” said Mishra. “I got all the names from Hansard, starting with Estelle Morris, and read them out.

“There were so many that it took me 40 minutes to get through them all. To squeeze them into a four-minute track, I had to layer my voice. In the end there are 18 of me,
reading out the names.

“These people may have been misled by Blair but they still voted to kill people. Some may have followed their conscience but a lot just followed the party whip.

“Towards the end of the track my voice is ragged. It’s not any acting skill or dramatic device, it’s just that the whole thing was starting to freak me out.”

Mishra, who has just returned home from hospital after suffering a glandular disorder. which left him unable to eat or sleep for a month, says he was humbled by the dedica-
tion of NHS nurses.

“They work hard in the face of cutbacks,” he said. “Yet they were being told they would have to re-apply for their own jobs. There is always money for war but none for hospitals,
schools and housing.

“How can so much money be available for killing people?”

Last night, Midland MPs were unimpressed by the anti-war track, Steve McCabe, Labour MP for Birmingham Hall Green, said: “I won’t be breaking down the door to get a copy of this, not even for the Commons Christmas party’.

“I confess I can’t remember his No 1 hit. Was it any good?

“The way I voted on lraq is alreaiiy a matter of public record so this won’t add anything to that. If people like, the song, and it gets in the charts; then fine.

“It’s not unusual for a pop musician to dabble, in politics in this manner. I recall Simon & Garfunkel doing something similar with Silent Night and a radio report on the Vietnam War.”

Gisela Stuart, Conservative MP for Birmingham Edgbaston, said: “People take a narrow snapshot and forget what Saddam Hussein did to his people.

“If we had gone all the way to Baghdad in the first Gulf War, then he could have been brought to book then and many lives could have been saved.

“If this piece of music gets a wider debate on the conflict in both Iraq and Afghanistan going, then that is good. But otherwise, there seems little point.

“I am sure, however, that it will be not only my first but also my last appearance in a pop song.”

Hmmm… ‘MPs’ is hardly a pop song. It’s not even a song! I think the comments from the MPs are quite funny. I find the one from the Tory particularly stupid, trying to justify the 655,000 Iraqis killed since the invasion by harking back to Hussein. He was a mere beginner at mass slaughter compared to Bush and Blair.

Notice also the dismissive tone from the New Labour apparatchik Steve McCabe:

“It’s not unusual for a pop musician to dabble in politics in this manner.”

Yes, we should all keep our mouths shut and leave the politics to the professionals. That way they can offer honours for cash and invade non-aggressor countries without any trouble from us pesky serfs.

February 8, 2007. posted by Jyoti. Interviews.

Peek & Poke

Peek & Poke

My third album, ‘Peek & Poke,’ which was released in 2000 is now up for sale on CD Baby. Just use the cart on the right if you want to buy a copy. Click here to have a listen to clips of it.

It’s also up on iTunes now! My plan for global hegemony is progressing apace! Hah! 😀

And just in case… my new album is here! 😉

February 6, 2007. posted by Jyoti. News.

Sunday Mercury

Again, a kind of a 3 out of 5 review…

Sunday Mercury Review

Heh… every review seems to love/hate different tracks. This bloke like’s my ‘MPs’ track whereas Uncut thought it was a bag of wank!

I’m still loving these reviews, by the way, good or bad. I really can’t explain how happy it makes me to even be mentioned with this tiny, tiny release. I mean, it’s on iTunes, obviously, but the entire physical stock is still sitting in my hallway. I can see them from here: 700 albums in brown cardboard boxes.

It makes me soooooo happy! 😀

February 2, 2007. posted by Jyoti. Reviews.

Q March 2007

A slightly better one from Q but not the heavenly chorus and rows of trumpeting elephants I feel my new album deserves:

Q March 2007

Nice Bluejam reference… 😀

February 1, 2007. posted by Jyoti. Reviews.

Uncut March 2007

Yaay! I’ve just got a terrible review in Uncut which has cheered me up immensely. Now, that may sound insane but, to be honest, I’m just happy that a record I made entirely by myself in my garage has got into a big, glossy mag, next to all the major-label stuff. Definitely a tiny victory for indieness!

Now the review:

Uncut March 2007

Heh… it really is a stinker, innit? 😀

February 1, 2007. posted by Jyoti. Reviews.