‘Don’t Mention The War’ On iTunes!

Don't Mention The War on iTunes

Yaaay! Finally, I have more than just my ancient EMI album and a scattering of single tracks up on iTunes. If you click here, you can now buy my new album, ‘Don’t Mention The War,’ from your friendly, local iTunes.

Or, if you prefer the hardware version, you can click here and enjoy the luxuriant packaging I spent aaages designing.

Horses for courses, innit?

My heart leapt with joy when I saw the little tag on iTunes saying © 2006 Bzangy Records. It feels good to own my own songs.

More to the point, if my teeny-tiny label can now be selling physical CDs and downloads across the world, that means anyone can.

November 7, 2006. posted by Jyoti. News.

Aversion.com Interview

Aversion.com Interview

Click here for a new interview on Aversion.com. I was brutally interrogated by a scantily clad Matt Schild and, crying tears of rage and sump oil, I dissembled magnificently. Who is Keyser Soze, you may well ask? Well, it’s definitely not me.



November 3, 2006. posted by Jyoti. Interviews.

First Album Review!

Aversion.com review of 'Don't Mention The War'

Woohoo! Got the first (and possibly the last, considering the non-promotion I’m doing) album review for ‘Don’t Mention The War.’ It’s off the lovely Aversion.com website and you can read it by clicking here.

Four out of five, motherfuckers! 🙂

Think Matt Schild must be on some baad brown acid? Click here to listen to clips yourself and then you can fire off outraged emails at him, pointing out exactly how he’s barmy.

November 1, 2006. posted by Jyoti. Reviews.