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White Town - Don't Mention The War

Yep, so far my new album, ‘Don’t Mention The War,’ has only been available to the supreme clientele that is my mates in Derby. But eagle-eyed readers may notice the new box in the sidebar on the right —>

Now you can buy your own lovely copy of ‘DMTW’ direct from CD Baby! Just click the button or follow this link to have a listen to soundclips of the new tracks and see if you fancy shelling out for it. CD Baby ship internationally and I just worked out that if you’re a Brit buying the album, the cost is £10.67 including postage (or £9 if you opt for no jewel case). Not bad, eh?

I’ll do another update when it’s available on iTunes, hopefully soon!

Oooh, it’s exciting! 😀

October 23, 2006. posted by Jyoti. News.


Last night I stuck the video for ‘Undressed’ up on YouTube GooTube. I’ve not watched it in years, so it was pretty fresh for me. I think Mark Adcock, the director, did his usual sterling job.

I’m in the process of doing some videos for the new album and watching this old one made me appreciate the time and effort put into it. And the editing! So many angles, so many studio shots edited into the location footage. And expensive dolly / crane shots.

Hmmm… it’s all a bit daunting now! 🙂

October 17, 2006. posted by Jyoti. Videos.

New Album!

White Town - Don't Mention The War

Yep, after six years of moving house, going barmy, moving house again, etc., the new album is finally here! It’s called ‘Don’t Mention The War’ and here’s the tracklisting:

1. Make The World Go Away
2. A New Surprise
3. Somewhere Blue
4. I Was Trotsky’s Nun
5. These Are The MPs
6. Hold It In
7. Death In Kettering
8. Fanfare For Emma Goldman
9. Whenever I Say Hello
10. Theme For A BBC Natural History Series Presented By Richard Dawkins
11. The Straight-Edge Atheists’ Hymn
12. Sabrina, Won’t You Help Us Out?

There you go, twelve songs about love, lust, war, peace and teenage witches. I’ll be putting up clips of the songs soon so you can have a preview.

This album is about as DIY as you can get: I wrote the songs, performed every part (no guest musicians this time), recorded and produced it, mastered it (not fun!), took the pics for the graphics, did all the graphics and now I’m sticking it out on my own label.

Yep, ‘Don’t Mention The War’ will be Bzangy Records first release. The album was meant to come out on Ninthwave Records but they’ve sadly had to shut down for the forseeable future. My thanks to Dave for putting out my music and generally being very supportive and involved for the last few years. It’s a tough job running an indie label – I know as Bzangy Records will be my third!

I’ve signed up with CD Baby, so ‘Don’t Mention The War’ will be easily available in physical form in the US (and as an import elsewhere) and will also be on iTunes around the world. Give it a while though, I only sent off the first copies to them on Wednesday. 🙂

As I’m sitting typing this, I’ve got one of the 1000 pressed albums sitting to my right. It looks brilliant! I’m soooo excited to be releasing this record. Of course, every artist thinks their new record is the best yet and I’m no different. But I can honestly say, some of the best songs I’ve ever written are encoded on this small piece of shiny plastic.

From my heart, straight to yours!

October 13, 2006. posted by Jyoti. News.