Goodbye MurdochSpace, Hello Friendster!

Arsehole Murdoch
Murdoch – buying everything good and making it evil

I’ve just posted the below on my MySpace pages (personal and White Town):


Since MySpace is now owned by international arsehole Rupert Murdoch, I have decided to bugger-off to Friendster. You can find me at:

My MySpace page will stay up, purely to display this message. But I’m fucked if I’m going to funnel money (via ad revenue) to Darth Murdoch. Friendster isn’t that great but at least it isn’t evil (so far).


It’s a shame as MySpace seems to be exploding in usage beyond irritating teenage emo kids. But what the fuck – as if I’m going to support any of Murdoch’s businesses!

Click here for a few examples of why I hate this walking tumour.

February 15, 2006. News.