More Gig Pics

White Town sitting ar... er.. ROCKING!

I’m assuming these pics were taken by the two lads running round with the SLR and flash unit. It looked they were triggering it manually rather than wirelessly. If that’s so, I salute you for combination of insane genius and obvious photography skillz.


Yesterday, I got the following email:

From: Isak Berglund :

Dear Jyoti,

I saw the post on your Groink blog about the rest of the gig pics from Cosy Den, and I can confirm the fact that they were shot with a manually triggered flash, as I was the guy pushing the camera trigger. 🙂

It’s called the ‘Isak-is-very-drunk-and-get-insane-ideas” technique, and consists of me choosing a long exposure time, pressing the shutter release and at the same time shouting and kicking wildly at my personal flash slave Daniel, who triggers the flash light.

There are actually a few more shots from that night if you haven’t had enough, at, together with ones from previous Cosy Dens I’ve attended with a camera. Hope you enjoyed my photos.

Oh, and by the way, THANK YOU for your wonderful, delightful, extraordinary concert! I’m not exaggerating, you were great! Hope to see you perform again some time.

What a lovely chap! And, as I suggested, a photographic maverick and innovator. Surely the ‘kick the bloke with the flash’ method is something that should be patented?

Please follow the link in the email to Isak’s photo site, there’s some great pics of earlier gigs as well of photos of me looking like an inquisitive bear:

Bear Jyoti

And with a cruelly deformed bonce:

Jyoti Madhead

Yet another marvellous Swede! What is in the water over there, eh?

November 9, 2005. News.