More Tweaks!

I’m afraid I just can’t leave the site alone, now that it’s so easy to change the appearance via WordPress‘ themes. It truly is a piece of piss!

Have a look at the WordPress Theme Browser and you’ll find the original theme, Fresh Bananas. As you can see, I’ve tweaked it a bit to give a classic, 1989 White Town feel. 🙂

I’ve also added a new section, Detailed Discography, which does pretty much what you expect. It’s not completely complete as yet but it will be. I’ve lost track of all the compilations I’ve had tracks on… maybe I should put them in a different section?

I broke the Guestbook as usual and Keyvan had to fix it. I’ll promise I won’t tinker with it again for a while, Keyvan!

August 9, 2005. News.