Sore Ears!

The last three days, I’ve been holed-up in my studio, working on tracks for the new album.

My ears are very sore. And knackered. The TV has started to sound strange to me and I’m listening to adverts thinking, ‘oooh, they need 1.2dB more at around 5.7KHz…’

I’m currently having a nice cup of tea and letting my wilting ears recover a bit. Back into the breach soon!

July 25, 2005. posted by Jyoti. News.

Matthew Rozeik

I’m currently working on a remix for Matthew Rozeik. It’s the most electronicky source material I’ve ever had for a remix so it’ll be a challenge for me. Usually, I’m taking a rock/indie band and doing electronic things to them – this time, who knows?

Hmmm… maybe I’ll do a paper and comb version?

July 25, 2005. posted by Jyoti. News.

Plans And Apologies New Website

Plans And Apologies

I first saw Plans And Apologies when I moved back to Derby in 2002. They shambled onto stage, turned their backs to the audience and played a set of amazing pop songs. Even more amazing because they all appeared to be around 12 years old.

Three years later, their songs are even better, they’re less shy so they look at the audience and they’re even more gorgeous.

If you’re a fan of pop music, you’ll love P&A, they’ve got killer melodies coupled with remarkable twiddly bits. And Dave sings in a proper Derby accent! Yaaay!

Click here to visit their sparkly new website!

July 15, 2005. posted by Jyoti. News.