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I’m currently in negotiations to put all of my songs online, available by paid download. At the moment, the only White Town music online is the EMI album which is available on iTunes UK.

I’ve had several Guestbook comments from people who are finding it very hard to buy White Town records anywhere. Well, hopefully my whole back catalogue will be online soon. So that’ll be:

Socialism, Sexism & Sexuality
Peek & Poke
Truffaut (was going to be the first WT album, replaced by SSS)
Any older stuff of mine, including all the Big Scientists / Ugly Pop songs I did between 1982 – 1989, pre-White Town

Altogether, that’ll probaby be around 150 songs. More than enough to wade through! 🙂

If I can get this going, I’m going to re-start Bzangy Groink as a label. I put out ‘Peek & Poke’ on Bzangy Groink back in 2000 but the label’s been fallow since then. I hope to issue all future White Town songs via Bzangy Groink (at least in the UK) and maybe other artists too. There’s loads of brilliant music out there which isn’t getting signed or heard. I’d like to change that,
love and kisses,

April 22, 2005. posted by Jyoti. News.

UNHCR Benefit CD

The day has come. For all of you who will be performing or know people in
New york or on the East Coast who would like to attend the “Voyces United
For UNHCR” cd release send the infromation out to them.
Tickets will go on sale TOMORROW April 14th, 2005. The venue holds about
420-500 people. Tickets WILL sell out.
You can now purchase tickets online at The Knitting Factory Website

or to go directly to purchase tickets at TicketWeb

So make sure you post this on your websites, fanlistings, send it to you
mailing lists and such. This will be a great night.


“Voyces United For UNHCR” CD Release
The Knitting Factory New York
Sunday June 26th, 2005 @ 8:00pm
(Doors open at 7:00pm)
This event WILL SELL OUT.

Yep, I’m proud to have a track on this CD, it’s called ‘The PNAC Cabal’ and it’s a somewhat paranoid instrumental.

I’m not playing but if you can make it to the gig, please buy tickets and help support a very worthwhile cause.

The Office of the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees was established on December 14, 1950 by the United Nations General Assembly. The agency is mandated to lead and co-ordinate international action to protect refugees and resolve refugee problems worldwide. Its primary purpose is to safeguard the rights and well-being of refugees. It strives to ensure that everyone can exercise the right to seek asylum and find safe refuge in another State, with the option to return home voluntarily, integrate locally or to resettle in a third country.

In more than five decades, the agency has helped an estimated 50 million people restart their lives. Today, a staff of more than 6,000 people in more than 116 countries continues to help some 17 million persons.
(Source: UNHCR)

April 13, 2005. posted by Jyoti. News.