25 Anos

I’m very, very proud to have one of my tracks, ‘The Taste Of A Girl,’ on the compilation 25 AñOS DE FLOR DE PASIóN. This comp is a celebration of and a tribute to Juan de Pablos, a Spanish radio DJ who’s being doing his show for 25 years now. I’m so flattered he chose one of my songs to go on this comp. I really can’t believe I’m rubbing shoulders with The Beach Boys, The Hollies, Serge Gainsbourg, Françoise Hardy, Gene Vincent and Eddie Cochran. There’s even a little bit on why he chose it:

The Taste of a Girl that I used to play monthly, every 23rd in honour of my girlfriend Maria José… as we met on July 23rd. I had lost it and I came across it two years ago…

Which is exactly the right reason to play it, of course! 🙂

Ahhh… it brings back happy memories of ’97 when I was taken round Barcelona and Madrid by the Spanish EMI people (who were all lovely, very friendly). Maybe I should go back and actually play some shows this time, eh?

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December 21, 2004. News.