Bzangy Groink Studio

The good news is that my new Bzangy Groink studio is 96% done. I’ve still got a fair bit of soldering and general fixing to do but the builders have gone and all the major structural work is done.

Thanks to my mate Daz, I’ve tested it out with live drums and you can barely hear them outside. So I can now start recording all kinds of crazy shit without disturbing the neighbours.

Finally, I can resume working on the next WT album, which has been greatly delayed because of all my house moving/lack of studio turmoil. I’ve no idea how it’s going to sound but I do know I want to get cracking. I’ve got loads of songs I want to record!

I’ve got a US label lined up for the next release (and possibly a German one?) but I’m still looking for other indies in other countries so if you’re an interested label, please get in touch.

August 20, 2004. News.