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Perhaps the nicest recipient of a freak Number One hit in recent memory, Jyoti Mishra – aka WHITE TOWN – used the considerable proceeds of ‘Your Woman’ – a worldwide smash two years ago – to set up his own mini recording empire in Norwich, and now writes, records and releases records in which he does everything: plays, sings, and makes the tea. The man’s new album, Peek & Poke (Bzangy Groink)*** is full of sweet but subtle musical invention that reveals him as a big fan of pop. Despite an occasional DIY feel, there is much here to admire: the soft and lilting melody of ‘In My Head’, the bizarre fuzz of ‘Bunny Boiler’, and the rather winsome ‘Another Lover’. It’s unlikely that any of these tracks will land him another big hit, but you get the feeling that Mishra is unconcerned with fighting out chart positions with Steps and S Club 7.

June 27, 2004. Reviews.