Rock Sounds Magazine

Well, if you’re looking for another ‘Your Woman’, the t a n g l e d dollop of uber-pop that catapulted one-man wonder Jyoti Mishra through celebrity city for several days back in ’97, then you’d best look elsewhere. If, however, you’re tempted by the prospect of Depeche Mode with church organs
where the synths should be (‘Every Second Counts’), Blur circa 1990 and 1999 simultaneously (‘I’m Alone’), and the best sixty-second snarl the seventies forgot to deliver (‘Bunny Boiler’), then White Town would appear to be the destination for you.

Back in familiar territory on his own label, Mishra sounds here (even if the Iyrics, perhaps a little disappointingly, don’t allude to it at all) as if it’s something of a relief to be able to record again away from the demands that his sudden success placed upon him, and the end results are even more satisfying for their sure-footed incohesiveness. Overlook at your peril.

3.5 / 5

June 27, 2004. Reviews.