Derby, England’s master of the 8-track, Jyoti Misra, is back… armed with 20 amazing new songs. The White Town trademark of brilliantly written, yet simple, unassuming, jangly British-pop is intact. Jyoti writes great songs, not unlike much of the stuff associated with some of his pals on the Sarah Records label out of England.

Parasol has already released three White Town singles… we’re big, big fans. One of the tracks from a Parasol single, Hair like Alain Delon, appears on the classic Spin-Art Records compilation One Last Kiss. Additional White Town singles have been released by Lovely in the U.K. and Elefant in Spain.

Jyoti uses White Town not only as a musical vehicle, but as a means to express and/or discover himself. This is evidenced in the CD’s 14 page booklet where Jyoti takes time to wax philosophic about sex and the other two s’s and to share his lifelong experiences. A surprisingly frank, sometimes odd, read in it’s own right, it gives the listener great insight into the psyche of the man that is White Town… a man who gives and gets the most out of his music

June 27, 2004. Reviews.